Q: What is Hitfigure?

A: Hitfigure is an online marketplace where you submit information about your car and local franchised dealers make you an offer to buy it. The service is fast, easy and free, with no obligation to sell your car or buy a new one.

Q: How does Hitfigure work?

A: Information about your car, including its year, mileage and condition, is routed to multiple franchised car dealerships of the same brand in your area who make you an offer to buy it.

Q: Why is Hitfigure important?

A: Information about your car is routed to only those local dealers who sell the same brand of vehicle as yours. Because same brand dealers specialize in the car you’re selling, you stand a better chance of getting the most competitive offer to buy it.

Hitfigure also helps you avoid the hassle of selling your car to a private party on your own, including the costs and logistics associated with listing it, prepping it, managing test drives, and handling DMV paperwork.

Hitfigure saves you time and effort without you having to drive your car to several dealerships.

Q: How many offers can I expect to receive for my car?

A: The type of offers you receive will depend on the year, make, model, mileage, condition and market demand for your car. You could receive multiple offers or you could receive no offers, it all depends on those variables.

Q: How much does Hitfigure cost?

A: Hitfigure is completely free to consumers. There is no charge for submitting your vehicle information, for selling your car, or for participating in the Hitfigure service.

Q: Do I have to buy a new car in order to sell my used car at Hitfigure?

A: You don’t have to buy a new car in order to sell your used car at Hitfigure. And you don’t have to sell your used car if you don’t want to. It’s up to you to accept or decline an offer.

Q: Do I have to accept an offer and sell my car if I don’t want to?

A: You are not obligated to sell your car or buy a new one to participate in the Hitfigure service. Simply decline an offer if it doesn’t meet your approval.

Q: How does the process of dealer payment and pick-up work?

A: Should you decide to sell your car, arrange an inspection with the interested dealer. If the results of the inspection confirm the vehicle is in the condition you described, it is then the dealer’s responsibility to write you a check and handle the logistics, with you, to transport the vehicle to the dealership.

Q: What if I still owe money for my car?

A: Whether you have a clear title in hand, still owe money on your loan or have several months left on your lease, you are free to sell your car at anytime. Should you decide to accept the offer, the dealer would handle the payoff on your loan or lease directly.

Q: What if I own my car and have paid off the loan?

A: If you own your car and have paid off the loan, have the original title with you, ready for processing when the dealer inspects the car and takes delivery of it.

Q: What value will be given to my car at Hitfigure?

A: The assessed value of your car depends on a variety of factors, including its year, make, model, mileage, condition, market demand and associated dealer costs. The benchmark value at Hitfigure is considered a competitive trade-in value for two primary reasons:

  1. Dealers who bid on your car sell the same vehicle brand as yours. This same brand specialty means you stand a better chance of getting the most competitive offer.
  2. Multiple offers from multiple dealers increase the likelihood that you will get a higher price for your car than that offered by one dealer.

Q: What if I misrepresent the condition of my car?

A: It’s important for you to be honest about the actual condition of your car when inputting its details. If you misrepresent your vehicle’s condition and it fails to meet the dealer’s inspection qualifications, the transaction could be nullified. Be sure to refer to our Condition Guidelines before inputting your car’s information.

Q: I’m having technical difficulties with the Hitfigure website. Who should I contact?

A: If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, please contact our technical service department via email (support@hitfigure.com), live chat or by phone at (800.317.8853). Our technical support specialists are available to assist you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Q: I’m selling my car and need customer service assistance. Who should I contact?

A: If you’re a consumer and need assistance from our customer service department, please contact customer service at 800.317.8853 or support@hitfigure.com.

Q: I’m a dealer interested in participating in the Hitfigure program. Who should I contact?

A: Franchise dealers interested in participating in the Hitfigure program should first register. If you have questions contact our sales department at 800.317.8853.